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Global Gamers is an IRC network that was formed on one simple concept: gaming should be fun! Whether you live for annihilating the competition in a free-for-all FPS or you sneak in a game of Solitaire when your friends aren't watching, we understand. We know games are there to be enjoyed, and we don't want to complicate something that's supposed to be a source of entertainment...

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Join us on IRC! If you have an IRC client already simply connect to to get started. You can also join us from the comfort of your favorite web browser using the Webchat. The New User Guide has additional tips to help you get started, and the navigation bar at the top of each page contains links to everything you may wish to know about GG.

Global Gamers Network News

Gardening - Posted by LoreOfSerpents on April 17, 2016

It's spring in some parts of the world, which usually means someone has to stop gaming and go outside to do yardwork. This year, though, xkcd has gamers covered! xkcd put up a virtual garden where you can grow all sorts of things by modifying the placement, intensity, and color of up to three light sources. And if you aren't happy with your octopus monsters or cactus collection, you can prune them out and try something else!

Here's what happened when GG staff had a go at it. Can you guess who had which garden?

(Hint: Participants were brico, ButtaKnife, crimson, daemonic, Etrigan, LoreOfSerpents, and Serg.)

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Games Done Quick! - Posted by LoreOfSerpents on January 3, 2016

Have you heard of Awesome Games Done Quick? It's an annual speedrunning marathon that will run all week (starting today) to raise money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. The event usually raises over $1,000,000 for charity every year. They run all kinds of games, so check out the schedule and see if there's anything you're interested in! Also keep an eye out for donation incentives - if you want to see something happen that's listed as a donation incentive, you can donate to make it happen!

Head on over to their Twitch channel and check it out! You can also follow the donations at their donation tracker or check out the FAQ for more info.

Here's a quick guide for anyone who's new to the GDQ events:

What's with people talking about Save the Animals/Kill the Animals and Save the Frames?
- This is a donation incentive for the Super Metroid run that happens at the end of the marathon. You can donate toward making the speedrunner take a small detour to free the animals that are trapped in the last level of the game. If you don't take the detour, the animals can't escape. Saving the animals costs a tiny amount of time (i.e., sacrifices frames). This becomes a huge bidding war throughout the marathon.

Who are the people on the couch behind the runner?
- The couch is usually occupied by other people in that game's speedrun community, or by friends/family of the runner. They're there to help provide game commentary or just moral support for the runner.

Can I donate even if I can't afford much?
- Absolutely! A lot of their donations are between $1 and $20, so don't be scared off by the bigger donations that get read on the stream. Even with some donations exceeding $1k, these events would never make it to $1 million if not for the many small donations made by individual gamers.

What's a TAS, and what is TASBot?
- TAS stands for Tool Assisted Speedrun. TAS runners use tools to pause the game on every frame so they can enter the exact right input for that frame. They repeat the process for every frame in the game, building up a recording of the perfect moves for each frame. If you want to see how insanely impressive this can be, check out this Ikaruga TAS as shown off in SGDQ 2015. Some tricks are so precise that they can really only be seen in a TAS, and they can do some pretty crazy exploits. TASBot is a robot that gets brought out sometimes to perform live TAS runs.

Less exciting but still fun, we also shipped the very last batch of anniversary shirts yesterday after recovering from the holidays. Sorry for the delay! If you won a shirt and don't have it within the next couple of weeks, find ButtaS2sLore!