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Global Gamers is an IRC network that was formed on one simple concept: gaming should be fun! Whether you live for annihilating the competition in a free-for-all FPS or you sneak in a game of Solitaire when your friends aren't watching, we understand. We know games are there to be enjoyed, and we don't want to complicate something that's supposed to be a source of entertainment...

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Join us on IRC! If you have an IRC client already simply connect to to get started. You can also join us from the comfort of your favorite web browser using the Webchat. The New User Guide has additional tips to help you get started, and the navigation bar at the top of each page contains links to everything you may wish to know about GG.

Global Gamers Network News

Quick anniversary prize update - Posted by ButtaKnife on November 23, 2014

We have shipped all of the prizes from the GG anniversary except for the GG t-shirts. We are still waiting for those to come in before we can get those sent out. For anyone waiting on a prize besides the GG shirts, you can expect those within the next few days. As always, if you have any questions, just ask!

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Lucky number 8 - Posted by LoreOfSerpents on November 9, 2014

With another anniversary successfully completed, it's time to sweep up the confetti, take down the streamers, and tidy everything up again. Thank you so much to everyone who joined us as we celebrated the 8th year of GG! Yesterday was full of giveaways and classic games, plus some new surprises, and we hope everyone had as much fun as we did!

For those of you who missed it, we took the opportunity to announce a shortcut for those of you who told us is too long to type! You can now point your IRC clients to and save precious keystrokes. Also, now works to point you to our website. Efficiency!

We started the day's events off with a familiar classic, a Milestone tournament in #Milestone (of course). Jigsy stole the show and clearly knows the game too well for his own good. Rav3n, another Milestone veteran, came in second, while michelle showed up out of the blue to steal third!

Next up on our schedule was an awesome UT99 free-for-all bloodbath hosted by none other than Se7eN! It was definitely one of the most fun UT tournaments we've had the privilege of sponsoring, and everyone seemed to have a great time. Nick walked away with a Logitech G502 Proteus Core and a UT T-shirt for first place, followed by unrealshots in second place and finalz in third. The matches were shoutcasted by rAAF, and you can check out the videos here: Part 1 Part 2. Many thanks to everyone who helped with the tournament and all of the competitors who joined in! Don't forget to join the UTers in #UnrealTournament, #beyondunreal, and #ownedwell to keep up with more UT events!

While the UT tournament was winding down, we kicked off the first ever GG Cards Against Humanity(ish) competition! This was a new event for us, so there was definitely a learning curve, but it all went pretty smoothly and we had some good laughs in the process. pigy152 utterly destroyed everyone and ended up being the worst person out of the group. Tanarin was the second worst person and Gamabunta was the third worst person, which I'm pretty sure actually makes him a halfway decent human being. For those of you who really enjoyed this event, there are a few channels on the network that run their own CAH games year-round. You can find one of the most popular ones in #awesome.

After Cards Against GG, we returned to the safety of FPSes and held an Action Quake 2 free-for-all, shoutcasted by Jehar! tastyspleen was kind enough to let us use their servers, and some of the GG staff members couldn't help joining in the fray. Jehar annihilated everything in his path (seriously, his score was like 3 times higher than anyone else's). Blizniak put up a great fight to take second place, and Gamabunta showed his Quake 2 prowess to claim third.

Our last event for the day was kind of evil (okay, it was completely evil). We like to use the anniversary as a way to expose people to different kinds of games, and this year, we took everyone back to the dawn of graphical PC games. Thanks to the magic of, we crafted a scavenger hunt where participants would go through early text-based adventure games and take screenshots of things that matched their list of items to find. The resulting screenshots were hilarious, and we're really happy everyone was such a good sport about the event! Blizniak obviously had experience with these kinds of games and came up with some clever ways to complete his list, which landed him in first place. Rav3n and Jigsy were both quite adventurous as well and earned second and third place, respectively. Just behind them, we had a tie for fourth place between Tanarin, Bickid, and Gamabunta. Quite an intrepid group!

We had tons of raffles throughout the event, as usual, and some very generous users donated raffle prizes of their own this year. Thanks to J0E, Tanarin, crimson, daemonic, Etrigan, Serg, and X-LP for helping add to the prize pool!

And with that, our festivities for the year were concluded! Many of the prizes are already on their way to the winners, and we'll be following up with the remaining winners this week to try to get your loot out before the holidays completely devastate shipping schedules.

Again, thank you to everyone who participated! And thank you to everyone who couldn't participate but still helps make GG what it is today. We're really lucky to have such awesome users. :)

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